Your NEXT Spiritual Journey

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Passion, Vision, Action

7 Day Leadership Devotional 

"Passion, Vision, Action" is a week-long set of readings to help leaders reflect on their own leadership and be inspired in leading others. Jesus remains the greatest example of leadership the world has ever seen. He started a movement that has changed the world more than any other person. Over 7 days we will explore the leadership essentials of Passion, Vision and Action from Jesus' life and ministry.

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What's NEXT on your spiritual journey for YOU?  

Are you someone who likes a challenge as a young leader who follows Jesus, would you like to see your impacts for God increased and multiplied in others?

Then you're ready for this key leader challenge. It is designed to draw out the vision. God has given you encourage and equip you to take steps forward to start. Let's think about what is your vision?

NEXT wants to come alongside young leaders like you to help them live out their vision.

They can help connect you with a coach and have equipping resources available to you.

Take the challenge, share the challenge.

Your impact starts now!

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