Developing as a leader is a critical to growing.

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We recommend "Becoming a Leader of Impact" by Braden Douglas.  

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Making an impact is essential for leaders who want to create positive change and leave a legacy—a trendy thing to say, but a hard tenet to live by.

LeaderImpact, a movement of professionals dedicated to inspiring one another in this quest, has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs for decades to facilitate life-changing results.

Now Braden Douglas discusses their philosophy for success in Becoming a Leader of Impact. Filled with real-world examples and engaging stories, this guidebook will inspire you toward impactful change in all areas of your life, from the personal and professional, to even the spiritual.

The world needs leaders, like you, to step up and leave a legacy. Your impact starts here.

Also available in Audio version, with accompanying Leader's guide and Workbook.  Coming soon in Spanish and French.

To learn more about Braden Douglas company , CREW Marketing Partners visit Here. 

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